Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: A Brief Look at the HIstory and Cannabis Culture of the City 

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Saskatoon is located on the South Saskatchewan River and is considered to be the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan.  Statistics Canada estimated it’s population to be 330,674 in 2019.  Saskatoon in one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and is turning into a busy little city!  During the summer Saskatoon holds different theater, jazz and folk festivals.  Considering that Saskatoon has more sunlight per year than any other Canadian cities it’s a great place to be to enjoy the summer festivities.  With all the new and upcoming restaurants, bars and breweries there’ll be lots of things to do to keep you busy! 

In Cree, Saskatoon means red edible berry, if you decide to visit Saskatoon, make sure to put, having a slice of Saskatoon pie on your must do checklist. Saskatoon is well known for their Saskatoon berries.  These yummy berries are commonly used in jams and in condiments, and of course, pies!

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Places to visit

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Lake Manitou 

Lake Manitou, which is also sometimes called “Canada’s Dead Sea” is located approximately 1.5 hours southeast of Saskatoon.  Lake Manitou is a saltwater lake that was formed from the most recent ice age.  It is high in sodium, potassium and magnesium.  Lake Manitou has more salt than the ocean but contains about half of what the Dead Sea contains.  The density of Lake Manitou makes it easy for water babies to float easily!

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Meewasin Riverworks (Weir)

The Meewasin Riverworks boardwalk is a popular place to visit to go for walks and enjoy the scenery of the coloured foliage.  The Meewasin Riverworks was created during the Great Depression as a “make-work” project.  Every year, beginning in the spring, the once endangered American White Pelican come to feast on fish and stay until autumn.  If you climb to the top of the CPR Train Bridge, you can enjoy a spectacular bird’s-eye view and observe the American White Pelicans gracefully flying in the sky.  You can visit this truly special site during the day or in the evening.  If you go in the evening you'll have the Credit Union Light Tower as your guiding light.  It’s a great place to take pictures and watch these once-endangered beautiful birds. 

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Gabriel Dumont Park

Gabriel Dumont park is located on the east bank of the South Saskatchewan river, in the Meewasin Valley.  Gabriel Dumont park provides an array of amenities, some of which include birdwatching, hiking trails, bike paths, picnic sites and canoeing.  Gabriel Dumont park was built to celebrate the traditions and culture of Saskatoon and has been designed in a First Nation Metis theme.  Throughout the park you will find various statues, monuments and  sculptures.  This beautiful park is made up of 2 sections.  One half the park is more developed and has a stone pebble walkway path and includes a picnic area equipped with tables, a large playground for children, sightseeing benches, flower gardens, a canoe launch, the Trans Canada Trail pavilion and washroom.  The second half of the park has been left in more of its natural state, excellent for walking, sightseeing and exploration.  You can enjoy some time walking through the groves of trees and tall grass and enjoy spots that provide views of the river.  It’s a great place to spend time with friends and family or even just on your own.  It’s a park that can give you the best of both “outdoor worlds”! 

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NatureCity Festival

(May 19-24)

If you happen to be visiting sunny Saskatoon just after mid May, the NatureCity Festival is a great festival to check out.  The NatureCity Festival showcases the natural beauty and diversity in and around Saskatoon and was first launched in 2013.  This festival begins on the first day after May long weekend and lasts 6 days.  Some activities include guided tours, canoe trips, speakers, art, music and workshops.  It’s a festival that encourages the preservation of nature and also highlights  the work of organizations and individuals that have taken a step forward to bring residents together in connecting back with the natural world and taking action to protect it.  If you want to see the wild side of Saskatoon, their river valley, gardens, urban forests and conservation areas, this nature-inspired festival might just be the place for you! 

What is a Cannabis vape cartridge? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a cannabis vape cartridge? 

As enjoyable as it is to enjoy marijuana when rolled or smoked through a cannabis pipe, sometimes different situations may call for something a little more discreet.  If you have never heard of a cannabis vape cartridge, it is another method of smoking cannabis oil which is easy to use and  you might want to try.  

Cannabis vape cartridges also known as vape carts are prefilled glass cartridges that contain approximately 1-1.5 grams of cannabis oil.  The Cannabis vape cartridge when attached to a vape battery creates a vape pen, which is what you use to smoke cannabis oil.  How does this work you ask?  Well, the answer is pretty simple, once you’ve attached your vape pen cart onto the vape battery and you’ve turned it on, the vape battery heats the cannabis oil, which then activates the chemical components.  If you’ve never seen one before, cannabis vape pens look somewhat similar to an e-cigarette.  Cannabis vape cartridges are pretty easy to use,  if you’re new to trying this method of smoking cannabis oil, here are some positive and negative points of using a cannabis vape pen.  Some of the benefits of using a cannabis vape pen is that you don;t need to worry about dosing, a cannabis vape pen enables you to have a more controlled dose when inhaling.  You can control how much cannabis oil you smoke by  how big or how small your inhale is.  Vape carts are also very easy to use which is a bonus, unlike dabbing or doing a nail set up, all you have to do with this little gadget is turn it on, inhale and then turn off!  Other benefits of using a cannabis vape pen is that they are small and when smoking the vape pen doesn’t leave that distinct marijuana after scent.  One disadvantage of using a cannabis vape cartridge is the cost.  The cost of vape carts can vary depending on the extraction method. The amount of cannabis oil you get in a vape cart is a lot less than if you purchased marijuana flowers.  Another disadvantage to using cannabis vape pens is that the high tends not to last as long as in other methods, like smoking a joint, edibles or dabbing.  Although the high may be shorter it can also hit a lot harder depending on how much you’ve inhaled.  Lastly, depending on how frequent you use your vape pen, will determine how often you have to charge it since the battery life for cannabis vape pens are short.  Using vape pens may be the most discreet method to enjoy marijuana.  Other methods of smoking marijuana also has advantages and disadvantages, but really when it comes down to it, it’s all about just about choosing the right method for you! 

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