Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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    6 products

    Great for New and Veteran Cannabis Growers

    New to growing marijuana and not quite sure how to get started? Autoflowering cannabis is your answer. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best for beginners because they are bred to have the ability to flower automatically. While regular feminized cannabis plants need a shortened light period to stimulate the plant into beginning its flowering stage, autoflowering plants will flower automatically without any changes in the amount of light it receives.

    Autoflowering Cannabis is the Future

    Our autoflowering cannabis seeds are also known to have near identical cannabinoid properties to their regular feminized counterparts. This way your usage experience will remain the same, if not better, due to the fact that they are much easier to grow and tend to.

    Many of our autoflowering cannabis strains are bred to be shorter in plant height, perfect for indoor environments, or spaces where lighting is controlled, such as grow tents. And due to their short height, we recommend growing them in Screen of Green (aka: ScrOG) to cultivate multiple kolas or buds and maximize each plant. in a controlled indoor environment.