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    Feminized cannabis seeds are bred specifically to produce female cannabis plants. As you know, male cannabis plants do not produce usable buds. So with feminized cannabis seeds, we remove any possibility of male influence in the genetics, to give you cannabis seeds that will grow into a female cannabis plant.

    How does Feminized Cannabis Seeds Work?

    Feminized cannabis seeds are only possible by utilizing a useful trait many plants possess: the ability to pollinate themselves.

    In nature, male cannabis plants pollinate female plants, which causes the female cannabis plants to bear seeds. But the cannabis plant becomes unable to produce high quality cannabis flowers or buds. That's why Grass Guru Cannabis Seeds only offer feminized cannabis seeds. No matter if you choose autoflowering or medicinal CBD strains, all of our seeds are feminized, so you only get robust, potent cannabis buds packed with potential.

    A Wide Variety of Some of The Best Cannabis Seeds

    Though we carry a wide variety of feminized cannabis seeds, we also offer a handpicked selection of highly sought after autoflowering and CBD medicinal cannabis varieties that are also feminized!