Cannabis Edibles

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    26 products

    What Are Edibles?

    Edibles are a consumable food product that is THC or CBD infused. look at the pros and cons of edibles and what to look for when purchasing.

    Because edibles are digested, it takes time for the stomach to absorb the THC or CBD when then equates to a longer effect period. This can often become over consumption in a short period. Our suggestion is to always try 1 unit at a time and wait 20 to 30 minutes for effects to take place before enhancing the overall effects.

    Cannabis edible products range from food and drinks, some examples would be candies, cookies, brownies and ice teas that are infused with cannabis extracts. The cannabis extracts that are used for infusion is: tetrahydrocannabinol which is THC and cannabidiol which is CBD.

    How Does It Work?

    The and the active ingredients in edible cannabis products get absorbed into the body through the digestive tract and make its way into the liver where it metabolizes and gets released into the bloodstream. The THC then enters the nervous system which produces the known effects of cannabis.

    Is it any different from regular cannabis?

    The biggest difference between edibles and regular mary jane is how the body absorbs the THC and CBD. When an edible is consumed, it produces the same effects as when cannabis is smoked or vaped. When it is digested, the effects are usually delayed. With consumption the intensity and length of time of the effects really depend on a few factors such as, sex, consumption of foods and how your metabolism is on a regular basis. When cannabis is inhaled, it is absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately and moves quickly to the central nervous system to product an immediate effect.

    Are there any pros and cons?

    The only con I can think of when consuming edibles is because of the delayed effects as it enters the digestive tract and blood stream to make its way to the brain. This con is easily preventable by portioning the amount of THC or CBD that is taken every 20-30 Minutes as you ease yourself into the effects to avoid a possible green out. Something to watch out for is that cannabis edibles effects last a lot longer then when inhaled. It can be a big alternative to inhaling dried cannabis or vaping cannabis. This does have its perks of having clean healthy lungs.

    Considering edibles?

    Before making a purchase, it is always wise to read product descriptions and information that is readily available about the THC and CBD levels in the certain edibles. If you are new to edibles, we would suggest to choose edibles with a low THC or high in CBD amount or ever portioning your edible into smaller pieces.