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    13 products

    What is Shatter?

    It is a cannabis concentrate that can pack up to 80% THC.
    Produced by extracting the THC and CBD from the marijuana plant usually by method of butane, carbon dioxide or propane pulling out the THC and evaporating the solvent and gathering all the "resin" left behind. Interesting enough, shatter gets its name from the glass like look it gets after cooling like cooked sugar. Being one of the most potent forms of cannabis, it goes through a additional filtration process that removes the extra fats and wax to give it that huge amount of THC content. Usually the extra step also removes the terpenes that gives marijuana its scent and flavor.

    Shatter effects

    Shatter effects, taste and flavor are different from which plant it comes from.
    For example, our Island Pink Kush is a Indica dominant strain that is known for its tropical island flavor and aroma that hold different fragrances of sweetness, skunky, and earthy taste to it. That when inhaled, starts off with a surge of cerebral euphoria that uplifts with waves of relaxation. Island Pink Kush is also gives short burst of motivation and focus that can open the doors of mental block for artistic adventures. Along with the great taste and flavor that it brings, its also a great way to treat chronic pain, stress and fatigue.

    Where as Island Pink Kush is more for a relaxing day on the couch, our next shatter lemon haze is for the more active and energetic type of person. Being a sativa dominant strain that gives the outer full body experience that drives energy back into the bones and uplifts the mind. It is perfect for social gatherings. With all good energetic times must come down, it eases the user into a mellow state of relaxation depending on how much was smoked.

    Shatter Treatment

    Cannabis also shatter can be used to treat various symptoms. some of the symptoms include:

    Multiple sclerosis
    Neuropathic pain
    Crohn’s disease
    Alzheimer’s disease
    Chronic pain
    Psychotic disorder
    Weight loss
    Appetite stimulator
    Anti Nausea
    chronic stress

    to name a few.

    Shatter is becoming increasingly popular because of its natural benefits to heal.

    Shatter can potentially help treat chronic stress and other symptoms better then simply smoking marijuana because of its higher THC content and purity. By taking small dabs of shatter could be 5 times the strength of smoking the cannabis plant.

    some of our featured shatter like Purple Skunk have the potential to treat chronic stress and depression but it does come with a double edged sword where if smoked too much at a time can give undesired effects.

    If you are looking to treat insomnia then Death Bubba is the shatter of choice. Death bubba has been known to help with the constant tossing and turning at night by putting users into a full body and mind relaxation that turns that nasty insomnia into a peaceful and rested sleep.

    In conclusion

    If the search for stronger flowers has come to an end and its become time to try your lungs at something more potent, then shatter is the next choice to go. With its powerful benefits and purity, it has the potential to treat all ailments.