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In this collection of marijuana flowers, we take a look into carefully inspecting every flower in our facility to ensure the perfect strain is always delivered to happy customers on a daily basis. We know that cannabis is used for many things. The more common uses of marijuana are for medical reasons. As the cost of pharmaceutical medicine rises, marijuana relatively stays the same with the season changes.

Cannabis has been a staple in medicine for generations. With the legalization of medicinal cannabis, studies have shown many of the benefits that can help patients.
Our specialty hand selected Mary jane is carefully screened 3 times for impurities
We are proud to say, our featured collection of cannabis can help treat symptoms of:
Anxiety which is an unpleasant feeling of worry or fear that can range from mild to sever. An example of anxiety is feeling worried about a result of an exam. One of our best known strains that help with anxiety is Alien OG. It is well known or its medicinal properties of giving users a strong effect of happiness and euphoria. Alien OG also help with creative thought process and relieve daily stress along with anxiety.

Depression varies differently from person to person. The best way to describe what depression is; is a constant feeling of being "blue" some of our featured strains that can help with depression, are blue dream and wedding cake. Blue dream is a "don't worry, be happy" type of strain that pushes away the distraction of depression for a time and gives that much needed great time to energize the mind and body.

Chronic pain is best described as any type of pain that lasts longer then 3 months. Sure we all experience physical pain one way or another and that is normal but what is not normal is experiencing pain longer then 3 months at a time. We are proud to share some of our favorite pain relieving strains such as Gods Green Crack which not only helps with chronic pain relief but Gods green crack also helps with activities that involve creativity and daily activities.

Stress can be a huge part of our daily lives. If stress is left unchecked, it can lead to a whole world of other symptoms. Our collection of stress relievers include do si pie which can leave you feeling mellow as you melt away on your couch eating your favorite snacks. wedding cake which has a strong calmness and relaxing effect that is perfect for stress and pain management. Our anti stress wedding cake is one of BC's finest.

Insomnia, one way or another, we have all experienced and can all agree that it is definitely not a pleasant thing in bed. Whether it is tossing and turning or blankly staring at the wall, not being able to sleep at night can be a tiring morning. With the help of Death Bubba, insomnia is not a problem at all. Death Bubba is also known for its sedative effects that can really relax those muscles to give a really rested feeling.

PTSD is a symptom that occurs when a person has experienced something that has shocked or scared them through a dangerous event. Reliving a traumatic event can be seriously debilitating, causing a complete avoidance of situations and even mood changes. Luckily we carry do si pie and violator kush that both has been reported to help with PTSD with its elevated mood effects and help with insomnia.