Affiliate Program

highgarden marijuana affiliate program for influencers monetize followers

Want to start monetizing your blog, youtube video, review website, or your instagram profile?

Highgarden Marijuana will pay a 10% commission in dollar amount or equivalent in products marked at affiliate pricing. Which is cheaper than retail pricing, so you get more products to try for yourself!

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What is it like to be an affiliate?

It's actually very close to fully passive income. If a sale is achieved via a link to our site you promoted, a commission will be calculated on the total dollar amount of that order, and you will be paid on a monthly basis!

How often is commission paid?

Commission is paid once a month, and your balance carry over to the following month if you don't request for a payout. Once a payout request has been submitted, all sales 14 days prior to request date are eligible to count towards your commission.

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