Bubblicious Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived
Bubblicious Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived
Bubblicious Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived

Bubblicious Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived

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Details and Specifications 

Hybrid: 50% Indica, 50%Sativa
THC Level: 15-20%
Parent Strain: Original Bubblegum Female and F1 Lavender Male
Best Used:  Day time use


Bubblicious is a fairly balanced indica/sativa strain, but leans slightly more towards the indica side. This hybrid strain was created from Bubblegum Female and F1 Lavender Male and has THC levels that range from 15 – 20%.  Bubblicious has beautiful orangish pistils, large flowers with green leaves and sometimes different shades of purple and pink. Bubblicious would be a good strain to try during the day!  

Taste and Flavour      

Bubblicious has a fruity bubblegum aroma.  .  Some users may find it reminds them of cotton candy!  On the inhale, this hybrid cannabis goes down smoothly and on the exhale you’ll experience a fruity, skunky taste that lingers.  Bubblicious is earthy, dank and pungent, so plan ahead, if you like keeping your consumption discreet!     


Bubblicious is a strong yet relaxing strain with a high THC level.  At the beginning, once it starts to take effect Bubblicious may stimulate energy to do different activities like exercise and socializing.  It can also trigger rapid thinking which may be good for solving problems or doing creative work.  This hybrid strain can also stimulate feelings of excitement, uncontrollable giggling, calmness and happiness.  After having a spurt of energy, the indica vibe starts to take effect.  A heaviness begins to settle into the body, followed by a wave of relaxation.  This hybrid is relaxing but potent, even for experienced users!

People who suffer from anxiety disorders, stress, nausea, headaches and chronic pain may find this MJ strain beneficial.  Bubblicious is not recommended for night time use.

Medical Cannabis

Bubblicious was created for recreational purposes and is Growing BubbliciousStill, the bud has therapeutic potential. It provides a reprieve for patients suffering from a variety of mental and physical afflictions.Its happy high, for example, enhances the mood and rids the mind of negativity. As such, it can be used as an antidepressant which temporarily appeases symptoms of depression such as increased anxiousness which are also present in people with chronic stress.

Side Effects

Some side effects* of this MJ hybrid may include cottonmouth, dry eyes, uncontrollable giggles, excitement, calmness, happiness, euphoria, relaxation and an increase in energy and focus.  

Growing Marijuana

Bubblicious tends to do well when you grow them outside. But does just as well inside.. A good pruning  from time will help get more light inside your plant. When growing this indica dominant flower it will take 8 to  9 weeks to be completed; yielding between 12-16 ounce per square meter
*Though cultivated by a systematic approach, information on the effect of Cannabis is globally derived from consumer reports. The effect on Cannabis products may differ from each individual. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Very happy with my purchase from High Garden Marijuana. Quality of the buds are excellent. It has shades of purple and pink. Highly recommend for depression. Will order again!

Best for medical purposes- Depression

BEST marijuana flower for medical purposes. I use it to cope with depression. The buds that I received really nice orange pistils and I could see shades of purple. I highly recommend bubblicious and would say that High Garden Marijuana is THE BEST ONLINE DISPENSARY IN CANADA!


I find that this works incredibly well for my depression. I feel the negativity of my mind fade away and im happy and energized! Will be ordering this strain again!


I really enjoyed this strain. I've been meaning to get more exercise and I felt like this put my mind in the right mood. Just feel like Im energized, happy, and motivated to take care of my body. After the gym, I take a nice hot shower to relax my muscles and my body felt very relaxed. I felt fantastic the next day! I will be ordering more!!!


The taste reminds me of cotton candy. Its a strong and relaxing strain with a high THC level. I felt really happy and couldnt control my giggling.