Cali Orange Balanced Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived
Cali Orange Balanced Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived
Cali Orange Balanced Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived
Cali Orange Balanced Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived

Cali Orange Balanced Hybrid Marijuana Flower archived

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Taking back to the old school, is how you’ll find the origins of California Orange. Also known as Cali-O, this strain was born in 1980, which was a time before growers were able to document their strain genetics online. There’s a big black cloud surrounding the origins and lineage of Cali-O. What is certain is that it is a true hybrid, 50% indica and 50% sativa. These buds are composed of a tight, leafy bud structure, covered with frosty trichomes intertwined with the many orange pistils. This is a very sticky strain, so it is our suggestion you don’t try to break it up with your fingers. THC levels of Cali-O measures around 10-15%; just enough for a potent mental high.

Taste and Flavor

There are many uncertainties when it comes to the lineage of Cali-O, but it’s safe to assume the orange from California Orange is due to it’s sweet citrus aroma similar to orange zest. You will also notice a pungent skunky smell when breaking apart the buds. If you enjoy the scent then you will love the taste. Once inhaled, it changes to a sour tangerine taste which is accompanied by a tropical undertone. On exhale, the smoke is smooth accompanied by a sweet citrus aftertaste that will quench your thirst like a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.


The sativa side of Cali-O will leave you upbeat and having a clear-headed high. This allows the user to be more focused and creative with his/her task. Heavier dosage of Cali-O can you have your body in a relaxed state, reminding you that it’s half indica as well. This can be beneficial to those with anxiety and attention deficit disorder. This strain is recommended for day time use instead of a sleep aid. There have been reports that some users feel they get the same effect as coffee after using California Orange. This well balanced hybrid ultimately makes users feel upbeat and happy.

Side Effects

Reported common side effects include dry eyes and a dry mouth. A few users have complained about a feeling of dizziness as the cerebral high takes effect. Eventually, it subsides leaving them with a clear mind. Probably just smoked a little too much.


 ***Though cultivated by a systematic approach, information on the effect of Cannabis is globally derived from consumer reports. The effect on Cannabis products may differ from each individual. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.***

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Nathalie Dawalibi

Very good blend

trudy jean

cali orange is a great stone. love it


Within 20min of finishing the joint, I found myself progressively getting higher and higher by the minutes that is not showing any sign of slowing down, which gives a damn near psychedelics experience. Yet this is still a great strain for individuals that are developing a tolerance but want a fun and enjoyable high almost like their first time


I slammed an entire bowl full of this wonderful strain like there is no tomorrow(no pun intended at this time of world is in), then I got just too excited to focus on the rest of my TV show. The next day I found myself reading the actual book, while still under the influence of this wonderful strain. The intensity of the sour taste gave me chills down my spine that allowed me to feel euphoric that I never felt before.


Smells of orange, flowery, earthy and a funny smell of seaweed, then once the toke gets on the tongue, the taste is piney and citrus. In about 10-15min. the high was mellow and relaxing with a good head and body high. I was expecting to be a little bit more fun and giggly for me, but I get to about 90% of that then it just stays there.