CBD Blueberry Medical Marijuana Seeds - Dried Cannabis
CBD Blueberry Medical Marijuana Seeds - Dried Cannabis
CBD Blueberry Medical Marijuana Seeds - Dried Cannabis
CBD Blueberry Medical Marijuana Seeds - Dried Cannabis

CBD Blueberry Medical Marijuana Seeds - Dried Cannabis

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Who doesn’t like blueberries? The Blueberry CBD has a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. With 7% THC and 7% CBD, the Blueberry CBD is great for novice marijuana users as well as those looking for an increased amount of CBD in their medical marijuana. Its indica heritage combined with a powerful CBD strain, makes this one of the best medical marijuana strains with the most balanced therapeutic effects.

CBD Blueberry Medical Marijuana Seeds

Known for its blueberry taste and sweet aroma, the Blueberry CBD offers a mellow managable high with a slightly blissful feeling. And its CBD content is renown for its healing properties. The CBD content provides relief from pain and other symptoms from ailments such as chronic migraine, arthritis, and joint pain without the mind-altering effects of THC. It is also known to help alleviate issues that stem from psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Grow Guide

Blueberry CBD can be grown indoors or outdoors. But they make for great indoor plants due to their short stature at just 3.5 ft in height. While indoors, it enjoys moderate humidity and consistent temperatures between 72F and 80F. But make sure to keep plenty of room between each plant because Blueberry CBD is very bushy and can expand laterally surprisingly easily. With that being said, they don’t need much trimming or pruning because they have fewer broad-fan leaves compared to other strains. Their leaf to bud ratio is more favourable than others.

Taste & Effects

The taste of blueberry is to be expected as the name suggests. Other users also report sweet aroma of other fruits like apple and apricots. Blueberry CBD provides a long-lasting relaxing high and a slight sense of happiness and euphoria midway in. Which makes it great for treating depression and stress. The 1:1 THC to CBD ratio is the perfect formula because the CBD and its healing benefits, when used in combination with an equal or lesser amount of THC, will help block the psychoactivity effects from intaking THC. Many medical marijuana users use it to ease chronic pain, or any other type of repetitive discomfort, similar to what most chemotherapy patients experience. The ending note of Blueberry CBD is sedation. This effect can help fight insomnia, anxiety, and be stress-relieving. Which is why it is perfect for mellow night time use.

Nutrients & Supplements

Blueberry CBD grows best when organic plant food is included in its diet. Just have to be careful with overfeeding and chemical burns. If you are not sure, simply flush the system and start feeding at a slower rate and increase incrementally. We find it easiest to grow in indoor hydroponic setups. With its short stature and few leaves, it is the perfect indoor CBD plant. If you want your plant to have a more vibrant lavender purple hue, you can try artificially shocking the plant into thinking it is harvest time. You can do this by introducing colder temperatures late in the vegetative stage just before flowering.

Customer Reviews

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Very happy with my purchase from High Garden. Delivery was fast and their cannabis is premium quality! Will order again!

Free Black Diamond!

I purchased this strain with a couple packs of Jelly Bombs and received 3.5g of Black Diamond for FREE!!!


Tasty and unique smoke flavor with an amazing feeling of immediate relaxation to the body with the ability to still function. This strain does wonders for my migraines and depression. Combining the top notch taste, flavor, and smells, it can provides bliss and relief for the night. It helps to put me to sleep and takes away my pains. I recommend this strain as long it's available


Tasty indica relaxation that's good to chill on the couch after work and then go to sleep. Half a gram is really all you need for a good night's sleep. It definitely got me stone with great relaxation with euphoric head space. Highly recommended to those who suffer from insomnia or hyperactive mind.


I smoke one of these every night before bed typically, and it has me refreshed and ready in the morning with a good focused mind on the next day. While I'm enjoying my time alone at night, it helps me get straight to bed and sleep with no nightmares or tossing or turning. All sleeping problem gone and as well as any groggy mornings.