CBD Moby Dick Medical Cannabis Seeds
CBD Moby Dick Medical Cannabis Seeds
CBD Moby Dick Medical Cannabis Seeds
CBD Moby Dick Medical Cannabis Seeds

CBD Moby Dick Medical Cannabis Seeds

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The CBD cannabis strain that's tough as nails and packs a punch. It's hardy, vigorous, resistant to disease, and near-impervious to moisture. It has a gentle full-body relaxation effect that is mentally stimulating to keep you productive and focused. Great for first time growers and users alike.

CBD Moby Dick Medical Marijuana Seeds

Moby Dick CBD

is a renowned descendant of the legendary Moby Dick Cannabis. This CBD-rich marijuana strain is perfect for those with limited tolerance to THC. Such as those suffering from cerebral medical conditions. It has a pleasant taste of lemon and spices, mixed with lower psychoactivity, making it perfect for many therapeutic users. But keep in mind this Sativa plant will grow to be quite large indoors, both horizontally and vertically. On the bright side, Moby Dick CBD is a huge producer of dense, resin-packed buds, and many commercial growers swear by it.

Grow Guide

Moby Dick CBD is very vigorous and resistant to disease. Being a sativa-dominant strain, it is hardy and moisture seem to have no effect on it. Its structure also allows for ample airflow, which help reduce the likelihood of fungal infections. It takes very little effort to care for this plant, making it great for novice growers. But it does need plenty of space, making it more suitable for outdoors if you are short on space. It will grow perfectly fine in humid or cold climates. But it still prefers to have as much sunlight as possible. If you are growing it in pots, make sure to choose 7 to 10 litre pots otherwise the yield may end up being undermined.

Taste & Effects

Moby Dick CBD has an intense flavour, mixing hints of lemon, cedar and spices. Some users also report a more orange aroma which is not found in regular Moby Dick. Not only is this strain suitable for novice growers, its effects are also more gentle, which is suitable for new cannabis users. It has a near 1:1 ratio for its THC and CBD. Its lower THC is offset by its Sativa dominance. It is mentally stimulating, making it a suitable replacement for antidepressants. The effects then taper off into a full-body relaxation. Many therapeutic users report anti-inflammatory and antiepileptic effects. On top of that the Moby Dick CBD has significant antioxidant benefits.

Nutrients & Supplements

Moby Dick CBD is very hungry for nutrition. A standard cannabis feeding schedule will not be enough. We recommend feeding it a regular regimen to establish a baseline. And then increase incrementally to prevent overfeeding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

I use this strain for its medicinal purposes. I felt very happy, relaxed, euphoric, creative and energetic. Shipping delivery was fast. I will order again!


If you are looking to relax with zero pain this is the strain for you. By far the most potent weed I’ve smoked in a while. I’ve gained quiet a tolerance, but this weed still hit me very very quickly. The taste could be better, but how it makes you feel is really something else.


A good and stress relieving sativa that doesn't make me anxious or paranoid, but it doesn't put me to sleep. I can see it being the perfect day high. The effects hit quite fast and cerebral, so I began being very cautious about everything and seeing details I would never noticed before.


Smooth earthy taste with creative, energetic, happy, calm and spacey mind. Good for pain while you can sniff on the melon, berry, sweet and earthy scent. I only smoke a gram with no complaints, and this hasn’t given me the couch lock with an incredible smoothness on my lungs.


Good strain that has a very intense stoned effect. it’s a great strain if you just need to turn the switch off for a while. I was stoned for a good few hours. Definitely one of my favorite strains due to it’s an energetic but relaxed high and it can get kind of psychedelic as well. I can understand psychedelic is not for everyone, but if you are constantly in a gloomy mood, why not give it a shot.