Cookies and Cream Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flowers archived
Cookies and Cream Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flowers archived

Cookies and Cream Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flowers archived

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Cookies and Cream is a 50% Indica/50% Sativa that was created when a company called Exotic Genetix crossed the Starfighter and the mysterious Girl Scout Cookies phenotypes. This strain first came into prominence when it won the Best Hybrid category in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup competition. The buds look like puffy popcorns with orange tresses. The THC count for Cookies and Cream is around 26%, which is pretty high. Growers typically have issues with Cookies and Cream because it is quite temperamental and thus suited to
more experienced growers. You can grow Cookies and Cream indoors or outdoors in warm to semi-humid conditions. One benefit of growing Cookies and Cream is its short flowering time of 8-9 weeks after which you can begin to harvest buds.


Taste and Flavour

Cookies and Cream is smooth and tastes really sweet. The aroma and flavor profile are predominantly vanilla, earthy and some hints of chestnut. In fact, Cookies and Cream is famous for its aroma and taste as it leaves really leaves an overwhelming sense of sweetness in the mouth and nose, which reminds you of the ice cream flavor that it is names after. The vanilla flavor even though pronounced, is more of what you get from vanilla-infused whiskey than in vanilla cakes. Backed by a note of earthiness, this strain gives a totally delicious assault on the sense.



This sweet strain is well known for the feeling of intense happiness and relaxation that it brings. In addition to this euphoria comes a sense of tiredness and lack of energy. You get a chilled, relaxed effect from Cookies and Cream with a nice, soothing high that is calm and couch-locking. Cookies and Cream comes with a dreamy sense of mental stimulation that is quite potent even in small doses.
Medicinally, Cookies and Cream is effective for relieving stress, anxiety disorders,
depression and moodiness. The relaxing effect also encourages a deep, heavy sleep that helps to calm the body. It is also recommended as a relief for people suffering from Crohn’s Disease, Gastritis, PTSD, anxiety and bipolar disorder. It also has an appetite boosting effect.
Side Effects Common negative effects that users of Cookies and Cream reported include dry mouth and eyes, anxiety and some dizziness. These effects are however not quite powerful as the discomfort of the dry mouth is soon overwhelmed by the happiness and relaxation effects. You can also soothe most of the dry eyes and dizziness by washing your face or drinking several glasses of water. Cookies and Cream is quite a strong strain so inexperienced smokers are advised to go easy on it and consume in small quantities till they get used to it.

Customer Reviews

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Mr T
Half decent bud

Got a oz of this bud. The bud looks lil leafy but still nice looking and dense. Buds were a little on the dry side and lil harsh on the throat I don’t think I would buy again. Shipping was super fast.


The terpenes of the 2 phenotype were vanilla-like and creamy with the the typical cookies strain. The high started off as uplifting and slowly melted down the body to make me feel very relaxed and drowsy. If you take it slowly and smaller dosage, you still get that sativa feeling initially but feel more focus and less sleepy. It helps a lot with my chronic back pain. I might try and plant it in my garden for future replenishment.


This strain makes you want to completely gutted everything in your fridge. It also energizes your brain come alive but scattered. It's not impossible for me to get work done but a lot more distracted. I can go out and meet people but it would be better smoking with friends to start with, so you don't make a fool of yourself by saying/doing embarrassing things.


I like how it's 50/50 sativa and Indica, and for me it depends on where and what I'm in at the time, then it shows up differently. However, you can feel both of them in waves back to back. It hit pretty quick 5-7 minutes with a really distinct and smooth flavor.


I'm a big fan of any Cookie strain/hybrid. It took me a while to find this, and I was so excited to receive this recently. The buds were very pleasing to the eyes and smell are orgasm to the nostril. The smoke itself is also light to the touch on the throat. an all-rounder that’s good for anytime throughout the day.