Sovrin Grape Vape Pen Refill
Sovrin Grape Vape Pen Refill
Sovrin Grape Vape Pen Refill
Sovrin Grape Vape Pen Refill
Sovrin Grape Vape Pen Refill

Sovrin Grape Vape Pen Refill

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Specification and Details

Type: Distillate

Size 0.8ml

Element: Ceramic

Thread:  510

Tip: Ceramic

With decades of professional experience growing medical cannabis, Sovrin Extracts is without a doubt a producer of high quality products. The Sovrin V2 Clearstick Vape Cartridges are guaranteed to kick your ass. They are made with 100% pure distillate with a small amount of terpenes added for taste and health benefits. You won’t find any fillers or residual solvents. Sovrin products ensure you won’t be inhaling any nasty stuff, just that pure delicious cannabis flavor. High quality production followed by vigorous lab testing produces a product boasting 90+% THC making Sovrin one of the cleanest and hardest hitting vapes on the market today.


Is your flavour line also the strain? For example is mango flavour the mango strain?

When making distillate everything is essentially stripped from the oil leaving pure THC distillate so no matter what material (or strain) you start with it ends up being the same. We then add terpenes back into it to give it some flavour and the added health benefits.

Is your flavour line indica, sativa or a hybrid?

Our flavoured line is a 50/50 hybrid and has all natural flavours. For our terpenes we use organic plant derived terpenes.

What's the difference between plant derived and Cannabis derived terpenes?

Terpenes are by no means unique to cannabis; they can be found in many other herbs, fruits, and plants as well. Like cannabinoids, terpenes bind to receptors in the brain and give rise to various effects. Terpenes play a key role in differentiating the effects of various cannabis strains. Some terpenes promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others promote focus and acuity. Because we have advanced technology to isolate terpenes in most all plants we are now able to extract straight from the source like plants and whole food. You can find limonene in lemons, pinene in pine and citronellol in oranges. What scientists have been able to do is breakdown the terpene structure in a specific strain and then recreate that using organic plant derived terpenes. 

This is beneficial in creating our final product because Cannabis harvests may demonstrate dramatically different terpenoid profiles due to variances in growing and curing techniques, so by using organic plant derived terpenes we are able to continually produce a consistent product regardless of which batch or harvest it came from. 

Customer Reviews

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The cleanest vape I ever had and a great selection of flavours!


This right here is a solid vape. I love that pure taste of cannabis and this is the cleanest vape I ever owned!


Clean Vape with a great selection of refills. Just stocked up on more of these Grape flavoured ones. Highly recommend this brand!


The Sovrin extract brand is the cleanest vape I ever had. Theres a bunch of different refills to choose from and very compact as well!

Great sale, prices, and FREE BLACK DIAMOND!

With the sale going on its a no brainer for me to stock up on these refills. As an added bonus, I also received 3.5g of Black Diamond for free!!! Thank you!