Grape God Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Grape God Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Grape God Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Grape God Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived

Grape God Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived

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High Times Indica Cup Winner, God Bud meets BC Grapefruit. Instant chemistry. The product of this beautiful romance is Grape God. Having both parent strains from beautiful British Columbia is like being born into Cannabis Royalty. This strain has God Bud’s good looks; dense grape-like buds with deep purple hues and orange pistils. This hybrid is definitely more sativa than it is indica and it gives a wide range of 14-28% THC.

Taste and Flavour

Not only is Grape God type casted in terms of looks but also in taste. It’s Grapefruit parent gives off citrus and when mixed with the earthiness of God Bud, you guess it, the sweet flavour of grapes. When smoked, grape still dominates the palate but one can also taste distinct notes of soil and citrus. You will want to take longer drags of this sweet tasting smoke as it gives users a nice smooth throat hit.


A slow and long-lasting euphoric high leaves one feeling calm, relaxed and uplifted. A great alternative to wine after a long day at work. The relaxation properties make this strain helpful for PDST, migraines, insomnia and mood disorders. Users also report it helps with joint and muscle pain and inflammation. The sativa side can also tap into one’s creativity and expand one’s mind.

Side Effects

Include dry eyes, dry mouth and possible dizziness in large amounts.


***Though cultivated by a systematic approach, information on the effect of Cannabis is globally derived from consumer reports. The effect on Cannabis products may differ from each individual. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.***

Customer Reviews

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Grape God

Nice tight buds & not to dry but it didn't have the smell or taste that I'm used to. Regardless it was still a good purchase. I ordered a lot of different strains & Pink Death was probably my favorite.

Luis Hurtarte
Grape God

Burns nice and strong definitely hits you nice


This strain is potent at first with a very sweet aroma on the inhale, then the power comes with the exhale. I always like a functional and energizing wax, but it is more than able to function with a long lasting effect, and it also helps with anxiety to calm me down at night


This strain is an excellent smoke with a very cerebral, yet able to function kind of strain. Which makes it a great strain for the day/work. Good intense start, mellows out, then leaves you with a relaxed vibe! It is also delicious, the smell was amazing, and the high is right where I wanted to go.


Stone is functional though it leans on the indica side with a great social buzz. Not a super heavy hitter but great taste and smell. I constantly smoke for pain relief, insomnia, and just chilling. I always got instant relief that slept well and full relaxation. Definitely a favorite of mine that always keep it in the stash.