Kloud 9 Jet Fuel Refill Cartridge Archived
Kloud 9 Jet Fuel Refill Cartridge Archived

Kloud 9 Jet Fuel Refill Cartridge Archived

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Details and Specifications

Type: Distillate
Size: .7ml/700mg THC
Element: Ceramic
Thread: 510
Strain Extracted from: Jet Fuel
Sativa Dominant: Indica 30% Sativa 70%

Kloud 9 Extracts

Kloud 9 Extracts promotes the pursuit of wellness through healthy, active living. We aim to create innovative cannabis products using only the highest quality medicinal grade cannabis combined with extensive research and testing. The cannabinoids used in our products are e tracked using the most up to date processes, allowing us to provide consumers precise and consistent dosing.
Kloud 9 Extracts brings you a product that is distilled to the highest purity, then infused with our premium blend of naturally derived terpenes. Kloud 9 distillate is a completely solvent-free product that can be smoked, vaped, dabbed, or ingested. Artisan craft quality, small batches, lab tested. Our cartridges are rigorously tested to ensure free of heavy metal contaminants.
Lose yourself without ever feeling lost!


Now i’m feeling so fly like a G6, like a G6, like a G6, now i’m feeling so fly like a G6. No strain will get you singing like this strain will. Jet Fuel also known as G6, didn’t get that name for nothing. Hailing from Colorado and born from the union of Aspen OG and High Country diesel, this sativa dominant hybrid will have you high flying in no time. This 70/30 sativa split has been notoriously dubbed the cocaine of marijuana. Buds are medium sized and cone shaped. Leaves are fluffy green and brown while orange pistils scatter themselves throughout. Nugs are covered in sticky trichomes that both cannabis connoisseurs and weekend smokers can both appreciate. THC content clocks in at 17-19%

Taste and Flavour

Jet Fuel’s diesel parent dominates its characteristics. This strain gives off a very strong diesel aroma with sweet skunk and pine undertones. This flavour is intensified when burned. Although the smoke is smooth, the aftertaste is skunky and the diesel overtones will have users often reaching for a beverage. Jet Fuel smoke is very pungent and probably not a good choice for those looking to puff discreetly.


Once fired up, G6 can take a few minutes before blasting off. Once it begins to take effect, you will feel like a slight pressure in the forehead and behind the eyes. The high is mostly cerebral. Feelings of an uplifting euphoria gives users a surge of energy. You’ll be soaring through the clouds before you know it. As the high levels off, the indica takes over and helps users relax but does not overly sedate. Heavier usage however, can lead to focussed euphoria and possible couch lock. The effects of Jet Fuel make it a popular bud for medical marijuana users who suffer from chronic fatigue, chronic stress, ADHD, PDST mood swings and depression. Also known to be beneficial for migraines and tension headaches. This strain is good for wake and bake and daytime smoking but not recommended for night time smoking for obvious reasons.

Side Effects

Common dry eyes and dry mouth and high reported incidences of uncontrollable giggles. Due to its strong sativa characteristics, Jet Fuel is not recommended for those who are prone to anxiety and paranoia.
***Though cultivated by a systematic approach, information on the effect of Cannabis is globally derived from consumer reports. The effect on Cannabis products may differ from each individual. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This is one of the few cartridge that I always make sure i have a constant supply of. Jet Fuel has an amazing range of uses, especially in dealing with many medical issues like PTSD, anxiety, kidney failure, and many more. It hits hard in the frontal lobe at first, but eventually mellows to a relaxed high that moves to mid-lobe. I didn’t feel overwhelmed and experienced zero couch-lock


It's a very good for wake and bake as it doesn't hit you too hard in the brain, and I can still get all my works done while dealing for my depression. I'm able to smoke up and just feel the mind clear up as I reach the atmosphere in the head with all the bad just fades away.


I am so surprised with how amazing the high is from this cart because it smelled like soggy wet socks after my first inhale. But the effects are amazing as it erases any kind of anxiety. An excellent mood booster because I was feeling happy, giggly, no negative thoughts at all with a mind of focused and sociable.


I originally was trying to order some sour diesel but they ran out. I was recommended this by their online rep.Oh man what a ride I got! It felt like I was break dancing on the surface of Moon! This is definitely going be great for parties, but as you slow down it swiftly brings you in for landing on a field of clouds. This is now my new favorite!


My confidence is bolstered, and I feel creative, happy if not joyous! It feels like I'm floating on clouds, but still feel very present and engaged with work or whatever activity i'm doing. It takes all the back-of-your-head kind of stress away along with some mild ongoing anxiety. Great stuff