Kloud 9 Sundae Driver Refill Cartridge Archived
Kloud 9 Sundae Driver Refill Cartridge Archived
Kloud 9 Sundae Driver Refill Cartridge Archived

Kloud 9 Sundae Driver Refill Cartridge Archived

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Details and Specifications

Type: Distillate
Size: 0.7ml/700mg THC
Element: Ceramic
Thread: 510
Strain Extracted from: Sundae Driver
Hybrid: Indica 50% Sativa 50%

Kloud 9 Extracts

Kloud 9 Extracts promotes the pursuit of wellness through healthy, active living. We aim to create innovative cannabis products using only the highest quality medicinal grade cannabis combined with extensive research and testing. The cannabinoids used in our products are e tracked using the most up to date processes, allowing us to provide consumers precise and consistent dosing.
Kloud 9 Extracts brings you a product that is distilled to the highest purity, then infused with our premium blend of naturally derived terpenes. Kloud 9 distillate is a completely solvent-free product that can be smoked, vaped, dabbed, or ingested. Artisan craft quality, small batches, lab tested. Our cartridges are rigorously tested to ensure free of heavy metal contaminants.
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Sundae Driver is was made from a blend of Fruity Pebbles (FPOG) and Grape Pie. Sundae Driver is a nice little blend that is evenly balanced with THC levels approximately ranging from 14-16%. This hybrid strain not only tastes good, but looks good too. Sundae Driver has olive green buds, reddish pistils, accents of purple tones and white shiny trichomes.
Taste and Flavour-
Sundae Driver smells just as good as it sounds. This pretty MJ has a delicious aroma of sweet grape candy and fresh earth accompanied with a rich chocolatey scent. On the inhale, Sundae Driver delivers a creamy sweet chocolate flavour. On the exhale Sundae Driver leaves you with a sugary fruity aroma.


Sundae Driver is a perfect blend for relaxing on a Sunday, or any day of the week. This MJ gives you a happy high with feelings of giddiness. Its euphoric effect gives you a sense of deep relaxation that can lead to sleep. Most users find that Sundae Driver is a blend that gives you that perfect balance of feeling energized and mellow all at the same time! Little bursts of energy followed by episodes of relaxation. An excellent strain for hanging with friends or use it to indulge in something creative.
Sundae Driver may help people cope with certain conditions such as, depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, PTSD and chronic pain. Sundae Driver may also be helpful for physical ailments like women concerns and migraines.

Side Effects

Side effects from the use of Sundae Driver include, euphoria, sleepiness, sensations of uplift and euphoria and a body high.

***Though cultivated by a systematic approach, information on the effect of Cannabis is globally derived from consumer reports. The effect on Cannabis products may differ from each individual. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

It’s a happy high that you can do just about anything with. It has mostly calming effects but the happy and giggly feeling can keep you awake. Definitely an euphoric head high that has me feeling out of body in the best way. I am prone to anxiety and this helps me significantly. I am calmer, focused, happy and functional when high on this. It does not make me sleepy at all but it is a great relaxing high for the end of day wind down.


Balanced strain that's good for the day. It has a piney and earthy aroma and a hint of sweet creaminess. Smooth and tasty smoke that comes with a balanced uplifting high. It can get you the best sleep ever after I went through the entire cartridge by underestimating it, and it left me just sleeping through the night. It also worked like a dream dealing with insomnia and ADHD


Great vapor like my regular smoke, and this is filled with flavor with every hit. It's not going to get you super high so it's good for a day time puff. It tastes fruity in the best way possible. The effects are great that seem to fade pretty quickly. On the other hand, it may be a good thing for some as that means you can use it in the day time at work. It will be a good puff to have around at all time to give you some quick charge of chillness.


I found myself becoming very relaxed and focused on anything my eyes come across. Eventually I fell asleep, I woke up about 20-30 mins later, and I'm still feeling relaxed until I eventually went back to sleep. It's not overly heavy on the eye lids. It's just if you don't keep your busy with hands-on things to do, you will fell asleep. I have to say I did sleep through the night without waking up in the middle of the night.


Great tasting left me creative euphoric and happy. It keeps you cerebral, but also relaxed your body so you can dig into those deep thoughts with a floaty couch lock. Thick vapor with really smooth hits. It makes me feel like waves of warm waves are flowing over my body. My pain is managed, my mood is leveled out and I'm content.