Lebanese Cannabis Hash
Lebanese Cannabis Hash
Lebanese Cannabis Hash
Lebanese Cannabis Hash

Lebanese Cannabis Hash

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Lebanese Hash

A rare type of hash from Eastern Lebanon has made its way to our online dispensary, Red Lebanese Hash. Lebanese Hash is one of the most sought after and popular cannabis hash in the world. Cannabis farmers from the Middle East have been dry-aging and pressing kief into bricks for a long time. FUN FACT! The word hash is short for “hashish” which originates from the Arabic language meaning “grass”. There is speculation that hash originated around 900AD. 

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Hash?

Hash is one of the many varieties of cannabis extracts. Marijuana hash is kief that has been formed into a brick using heat and pressure. The purpose of cannabis extracts is to isolate cannabinoids and terpenes. Kief is the sticky, crystal-like substance at the head of the plant’s trichomes.

Where does hash originally come from?

The word hash is short for “hashish” which originates from the Arabic language meaning “grass. There is speculation that hash originated around 900AD. Hash made its appearance in the Western world in the 19th century where European doctors would import the cannabis concentrate to conduct medical research. 

What is the difference between the hash and other cannabis concentrates?

Other concentrates like shatter and resin, use solvents to extract either the THC, CBD or terpenes. For hash, it's old school and purely mechanical, meaning no chemicals are used in the extraction process. Traditionally, you take the cannabinoids and separate them for the plant material using a dry sift method, which is then pressed into hash. There are two popular methods to achieving the pressed hash, the dry sift screen method and the dry ice method.

Dry Sift Screen Method

  1. Start with properly cured marijuana flower that has been frozen. The lower the temperature, the better because frozen trichomes will break off their stocks and separate easily
  2. Pour your load of cured frozen cannabis on to the screen and begin breaking it up by spreading it around the the screen

The Dry Ice Method

  1. Combine your cured marijuanja flower with dry ice in a screen like bag and simply shake  the bag over the container which you are collecting the kief
    1. The super cold temperatures of the dry ice combined with the friction from shaking the bag will cause the trichome to easily break off.

How do you smoke hash?

Traditionally, cannabis hash has been consumed orally, either as a solid or infused into a beverage such as the traditional Indian drink bhang. Most commonly, it is smoked  either on its own or combining it with your rolled up joint. Cannabis consumers use a method called hot knifing to smoke hash on its own but now there are specific accessories like extract-specific vaporizers or dried flower vaporizer with an extract attachment to smoke. 

Hash generally isn’t appropriate for dabbing, but highly concentrated bubble hash, labelled “full-melt” or “six-star” (the stars refer to the quality ) can be. If you are new to cannabis, dabbing is not recommended — it is a complicated process that can produce strong, immediate effects, and it may increase your risk of over consuming and experiencing negative effects.

Some varieties of hash that have the ability to melt may also be vaporized on a hot surface, known as dabbing. When dabbing hash, screens are often used due to the fact that some resins leave carbon residue and will not melt completely, or at all. On the other end of the spectrum are high-quality hash oils (not to be confused with solvent extracts), such as full melt dry sift and full melt ice water hash, which have the ability to melt completely onto a nail, leaving zero residue.

Customer Reviews

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David S
Old school

Real hash, you need a lighter to break off the soft hash. Very good product, smell, taste and result. Kudos HM. You rock...

David Johnson
Red Leb

Reminiscent of the old days in taste and texture...lovely stuff with a bit of the old body stone shining through.Highly recommended if you want to go back in time.


Honestly I havent smoked hash for a minute. But these guys at highgarden marijuana is literally where to buy this lebanese hash. The best hash I have ever smoked, I added it to my joint and lit it up literally.


Shipping was very fast and this hash is high quality. I will order it again!