Nesta Extracts Green Crack Shatter Archived
Nesta Extracts Green Crack Shatter Archived
Nesta Extracts Green Crack Shatter Archived

Nesta Extracts Green Crack Shatter Archived

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Each pack includes: 1 gram of Nesta Extract shatter
Strain extracted from: God’s Green Crack
Type: Indica 50% Sativa 50%

Nesta Extracts

Inspired by the late Bob Nesta Marley, Nesta Extracts prides itself on quality and refinement. Our unique approach ensures solvent - free concentrates that are as pure as our extraction process. We aim that in every batch of oil the taste, color and stability remains consistent.
“None but ourselves can free our mind”
-Bob Nesta Marley


God's Green Crack is a well-balanced hybrid strain that originated from God's Bud and Green Crack. This unique combo works together to relax both your mind and body, making it one of the most sought-after strains in the market. The THC level ranges from 19% to 25%, which is pretty high and will knock you to space irrespective of your experience. Show more

Taste and Flavour

When it comes to the punch of the strain, it smells perfectly like heaven. No wonder it has God in its name. At first, you will perceive a woodsy and herbal aroma, with a tint of safe or eucalyptus. That is merely the beginning. Show more


As you keep inhaling or smoking this beautiful plant, your train of thoughts will begin to slow. If you're pretty versed in spiritualism or pseudoscience, you might develop a higher active sense that allows you to feel like; you're in a different dimension.       Show more

Side Effects

High doses of God’s Green Crack could result in feelings of anxiety and mild paranoia, some dry mouth and tiredness.

What is Shatter

Butane Hash Oil, otherwise known as Shatter is a form of cannabis concentrate. The name shatter resembles its unique appearance and form, similar to a piece of glass. The concentrate is created by extracting the plant’s essential oil, cannabinoid and terpenes via liquid butane and heat. Once the extraction is completed the mixture solidifies and hardens like a transparent sheet of glass. It is not sharp. This process of extraction and evaporation increases the potency of the cannabis up to 90%. One gram of AAAA Marijuana flower is equivalent to 0.2 grams of Shatter.

You can consume Shatter by dabbing or vaping. However, you can also crumble and sprinkle it on top of your flower within your pipe or joint. Dabbing is arguably the most effective method, but requires specific devices and accessories. A ‘rig’ is a special water bong designed for dabbing. Instead of placing the substance into a bowl, you apply or “dab” the shatter onto the “nail”. A small torch is recommended to reach optimal heat. The Shatter will rapidly vaporize and you inhale the vapor through the rig’s water chamber.

To vape Shatter, you will require a suitable vape pen. The healing element aka atomizer must be efficient enough to rapidly heat your shatter to it’s necessary vape point. Once you confirm that your pen is suitable for Shatter, you can vape as you usually would.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

When I vape on this, I’m definitely happy and hungry. My couch starts to pull me towards it like a powerful magnet. I was intensely glued to my game having so much fun exploring and doing all the littles missions I don't usually care about. When I finally come back to reality and find out I’ve only played for an hour, but it felt like I’ve been on a brain retreat for half of the day.


I usually don’t like sativas too much because they’re terrible for my anxiety. This one I could smoke every day as it made me just heavy enough without any anxiety. It did everything you love as a sativa except sending my mind racing. The taste was pretty nice too; like a piney green flavor.


This is the clearest you’ll ever feel on THC. If you want to be feeling smooth while doing your regular duties, this is the shatter for you! This is my go to daytime “get her done” kind of shatter. It's hugely motivating that was relaxing and energizing at the same time. It made my brain feel amazing as well as my body.


I'm a lazy and procrastinated person because of my personality and medical issues. This shatter is the bees knees for motivation and focus. After trying it the first time, I fell immensely in love with the taste.The effects are literally an extreme focus and motivation. Totally great for social occasions with zero paranoia and lots of energy.


I simply bow my head down to this shatter. After a few puffs in and I start to remember the details of fond memories so vividly that I enjoy them once again. Even the memories is not all happy, but it doesn't hurt anymore, so I can safely say depression has melted away. I'm so happy I gave this strain a try, and I want to share it with the world.