Pink Kush Indica Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Pink Kush Indica Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Pink Kush Indica Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived

Pink Kush Indica Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived

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Grade: AA
Indica Dominant: 90% Indica, 10 % Sativa
THC Level: 19-21 %
CDB Level: 1%
Parent Strain(s): OG Kush*
Best Used: Night


No one is sure about this strain’s lineage; many users believe it’s from the descendants of OG Kush. It is an Indica hybrid, with a little coy attitude. Although the plant isn’t all that pink, it lived up to its name by being super powerful. It is quite popularly grown in Pacific Northwest and Canada.

One thing that makes this strain alluring is the high THC level, which averages around 20%. The pink pistils are apparent in what gave it its name, making it look more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen. The quality genetics is impressive, which made it stand out from other strains in terms of uniqueness. As for genetics, Pink Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid.

Sometimes, Pink Kush isn’t pink at all - especially after harvest. This is because the color pigment will start to deteriorate as it dries for a lack of nutrients. However, when the pink color isn’t there at all, the trait is referred to as incomplete dominance. In other words, it is when the dominating gene fails to transfer to the offspring.


Many users said that the Pink Kush has a distinct floral taste. Others have disagreed, saying it has a classic Kush taste. Perhaps you need to try it out and share your verdict. When you research the taste of this incredible plant, you will find users who say that Pink Kush is sweet and earthy. Others say it is like the taste of OG Kush, both in its smell and aroma. Although that makes sense since they are closely related.


*Pink Kush has a stronger effect than its mild name implies. It has a fantastic body-effect that will instantly make you relaxed. While in its influence, all your troubles and worries melt away into oblivion. You discover that nothing matters, and you experience peace and bliss. It makes you more alert and conscious of your environment.


Medically, it is perfect for the treatment of some levels of anxiety, depression, migraines: pain management, and nausea. Due to the high THC level, it might not be appropriate for inexperienced smokers.



*The side effects are more pronounced if you’re a new user. The noticeable adverse impact is the dry mouth. But that isn’t a problem since you can manage that by continually taking fluids or water to stay hydrated. Another effect is anxiousness, paranoia, cottonmouth, and dry eyes. The level of these side effects depends on the doses of Pink Kush you took. Sometimes, you might also feel dizzy. All you need to do is relax on your couch and savor the experience.

* Though cultivated by a systematic approach, information on the effects of Cannabis are globally derived from consumer reports. The effects of Cannabis products may differ from each individual. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend High Garden Marijuana for all cannabis- (weed, vapes, edibles, shatter) in Canada! Quality of their buds are AAA++ I am very happy with my order!


High Garden Marijuana is THE BEST online dispensary in Canada! The flowers I got were nice and potent. Delivery for shipping was fast. I will definitely order again!


Definitely one of my fav strains. You can use it differently: light dose can help you to stay productive without being sedated, medium does can help me relax and kills any pain, and heavy dose will put you to a good sleep. The smell is also nice that won't stink up your cloth. Gotta give it a try.


You gotta love this as it can be used if you need to think and perform as part of the work. It gives this body high and it doesn't spin your mind around. I would go as far as saying it makes perform even better. Some people have dry mouth and eyes but didn't occur to me. I only dislike about the munchie afterward if I don't hit the bed.


Had a pretty bad accident on the track that broke my right collar bone, and if you are familiar with this kind of injury. It will take a while to heal and renders your entire right arm movement. From time to time, I get this stingy pain whenever the rain is coming. AND! This thing is like a gift from angel to me. It totally takes away the pain and it doesn't put me sleep like most of the meds I got prescribed. It helps me through tons of sleepless night due to the pain, which makes me almost give up the sport. This totally saves my dedication to the sport.