Pure Pull Grand Daddy Purple Vape Pen Archived
Pure Pull Grand Daddy Purple Vape Pen Archived
Pure Pull Grand Daddy Purple Vape Pen Archived

Pure Pull Grand Daddy Purple Vape Pen Archived

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Pure Pull Reusable Kits include:

1 x Vape Cartridge

1 x Rechargeable battery

1 x USB adapter battery charger

Each Cartridge = 1000mg Co2 oil

THC = 65.6%

There are 6 to choose from:

Grand Daddy - Indica

Strawberry Banana Kush - Indica

Sunset Sherbet - Indica

Blue Dream - Hybrid

Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid

Tangie - Sativa



1.) Simply inhale until logo on the tip of the pen lights up green

2.) Exhale slowly


- It is best to wait 5-10 min before next dose.

- A fully charged vape pen burns hotter.

How to Recharge the Vape

1. Simply unscrew the oil charger (mouth piece) from the heating mechanism (the other half)
2.) Screw the heating mechanism in the USB charger adapter(provided) and into a charger(not provided)

Grand Daddy Purple

Determined as a well-known cannabis strain, Grand Daddy originated as a result of merging two indica plants; Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Interestingly, although Grand Daddy is predominantly indica, it does possess a small amount of Sativa. While the beauty and taste of this amazing plant have been largely attributed to its parent plant, the Purple Urkle, its astonishing yield is inherited from the other parent plant, the Big Bud. To imagine the smell of Grand Daddy Purple, think grape-like taste and fruity smell. The more reason why it is a must-try. It produces a saccharine berry fragrance and leaves clients experiencing a sweet grape aftertaste. In terms of the stature, Grand Daddy’s plant is short and very bushy. 



Noted as a powerful indica strain, consumers new to cannabis are advised to take caution when first giving this strain a try. Maybe start out slowly and increase the quantity one’s preferred tolerance level is determined. Grand Daddy is best suited for ailments that are physical such as chronic aches and pains although high doses are required in these cases. Additionally, this strain’s effect initially resumes in the mind and has also been shown to be an effective treatment for some psychological ailments such as anxiety and depression and a great appetite stimulant. Apart from these effects, this strain also creates an enormously comforting body buzz that leaves the mind in an ecstatic state. It is typically considered a nighttime strain, very ideal for ending a long or tiring day. Paranoia can be a side effect of Grand Daddy purple. This can only be prevented by opting for strains low in THC. With proper management and planning, dry mouth and dry eyes could also be prevented. 
Pure Pulls brand is now Cann Co2

Customer Reviews

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Robert Britten
Vape pen

A 1 love these things. Good for working inside and being discreet


I have a low tolerance so I get knocked out fairly easily and quickly. In fact, a couple of times I fell asleep while my unfinished joint burnt a hole in my PJ, and I didn’t wake up till I felt a stingy pain. This is why I started using vape pens to avoid something like that ever happening. So far I have been a happy camper!


As someone who works on the graveyard hours, this is awesome to have around when I’m trying to go to sleep in the broad daylight. I mean I can just get some nugs and do all the work for getting it ready as a joint or bong. This has saved me so much more time and effort, especially sometimes I would even have to work overtime. I have to get to sleep ASAP after work to even have enough rest before the next shift.


I love how GDP is one of the few strains that can actually get me high. As I can even get a constant and consistent high from the vape whenever and wherever are just beauty, especially I can still be productive for the rest of the day even if I took a small hit in the morning.


$70 for about 1000mg is definitely not cheap compared to the other brands, but the quality of the extracts and device speak for itself. GDP for me has a nice body high that slowly creeped up on you while vaping makes it not harsh on the throat and nostril at all. Perfect to keep around at work when your stupid boss is around lol.