Pure Pulls Blue Dream Vape Pen Archived
Pure Pulls Blue Dream Vape Pen Archived
Pure Pulls Blue Dream Vape Pen Archived

Pure Pulls Blue Dream Vape Pen Archived

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Pure Pull Reusable Kits include:

1 x Vape Cartridge

1 x Rechargeable battery

1 x USB adapter battery charger

Each Cartridge = 1000mg Co2 oil

THC = 65.6%

There are 6 to choose from:

Grand Daddy - Indica

Strawberry Banana Kush - Indica

Sunset Sherbet - Indica

Blue Dream - Hybrid

Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid

Tangie - Sativa



1.) Simply inhale until logo on the other side light up

2.) Exhale slowly

It is best to wait 5-10 min before next dose

*a fully charged vape pen burns hotter*

How to Recharge the Vape

1. Simply unscrew the oil charger (mouth piece) from the heating mechanism (the other half)
2.) Screw the heating mechanism in the USB charger adapter(provided) and into a charger(not provided)

Blue Dream 

For the novice and expert consumers alike, Blue Dream can be a perfect go-to strain. Being a crossbreed of two Sativa dominant strains- Blueberry Indica and Haze, this hybrid strain hailing from California has been recognized for its popularity among West Coast strains. Blue dream is thought to release a more calming euphoria, balancing full-body pain alleviation with gentle intellectual rejuvenation. These effects make it an amazing medicinal product for patients with stress, depression and attention disorders. Blue dream is particularly recognized as a fantastic day time strain for keeping users energized, creative, better focused and more sociable without the aftermath drowsiness experienced with other strains- more or less like a morning cup of coffee to start a busy day. 

Customer Reviews

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SUsan Sneyd
Not received yet

Still waiting for it with enthusiasm. Then I will update. 😊


I'm new to smoking, and this was the way I was shown to pick up this hobby, and also this is the first strain I loved after trying a handful. It's still my favorite after almost a year. It's calming and buzzy all in one handy and stylish pen.


You can't go wrong with this as it is awesome in the herb form, which makes depression and anxiety vanish and leaves you in the best mood ever. I don’t feel focused but I feel calm. It is awesome to zone me out when I do not have to think so hard. Now it is packed into such an anonymous package. This is truly the best way and strain I have ever had.


Tastes amazing and feels pretty good as it doesn’t hit me as hard as some of the other strain, but I vape it for the taste to help me study and get through school. Absolutely love my blue dream in a compact form like this.


The flavor was AWESOME when the effects were great as it was a nice mental focus head high with an amazing body relaxation which made me feel like I was on cloud 9. When I was show my wife what this little device can do, she was also blown away by how had cannabis evolved nowadays. I bought 2 more for her so she can leave one on her car, and one in her bag for her lunch time at work.