Pure Pulls Strawberry Banana Kush Vape Pen Archived
Pure Pulls Strawberry Banana Kush Vape Pen Archived
Pure Pulls Strawberry Banana Kush Vape Pen Archived

Pure Pulls Strawberry Banana Kush Vape Pen Archived

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Pure Pull Reusable Kits include:

1 x Vape Cartridge

1 x Rechargeable battery

1 x USB adapter battery charger

Each Cartridge = 1000mg Co2 oil

THC = 65.6%

There are 6 to choose from:

Grand Daddy Purple - Indica

Strawberry Banana Kush - Indica

Sunset Sherbet - Indica

Blue Dream - Hybrid

Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid

Tangie - Sativa



1.) Simply inhale until logo on the other side light up

2.) Exhale slowly

It is best to wait 5-10 min before next dose

*a fully charged vape pen burns hotter*

How to Recharge the Vape

1. Simply unscrew the oil charger (mouth piece) from the heating mechanism (the other half)
2.) Screw the heating mechanism in the USB charger adapter(provided) and into a charger(not provided)

Strawberry Cough

Possessing a burst of amazingly fruity flavours and aroma, Strawberry Cough is a hybrid strain made through a cross of Bubble gum strain and Banana Kush. Its name definitely defines the delightful goodies packed in this single strain. Strawberry Banana is shown to be predominantly Indica with only about 30% amount of Sativa. It possesses a perfect blend of natural fruity flavours from strawberries and a bit of bubble gum aroma at the end, making it a smart choice for when discreet smoking is preferred.


Unlike other Indica dominant strains, the effects of Strawberry Cough, however, begins really slow and takes extra time to for consumers to actually experience the amazing effects of this strain. While THC is found to be an important quality of any cannabis strain, with a high percentage depicting the potency of a cannabis strain, this strain features a relatively high amount of THC, meaning its potency is not one to joke with. Strawberry banana is shown to pack an amount of about 26% THC coupled with amazing aromas and flavours, that is sure to have users coming back for more. Considering this high THC content and the fact that its content is mostly Indica, the effects of this strain are usually, more psychoactive. Although some users find physical relief consuming it. It is recommended medically for managing stress, depression, as well as sleep deprivation. Strawberry Banana can be a perfect strain to help clear your worries and pains while increasingly keeping you creative, sharp and full of ideas for your projects and assignments.

Side Effects

Similar to most cannabis strains, Strawberry Cough is known to cause drowsiness and traces of dry mouth and dry eyes. The more reason why it is recommended for night time use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

While I believe vape pen wouldn't replace your herb 100%, but it is proven to be convenience and incognito for a lot of situation where you can't be so obvious about this controversial habit. It's helped immensely with depression and anxiety. And it seems to have kicked my occasional bipolar disorder to the curb. Motivation and concentration is higher than it's been in years.


A very uplifting high that doesn't last as long for me as other strains with similar THC level. This high does make me happier than other strains. Being in a little device like this, it is super portable and anonymous. Even it doesn't last as long, I can conveniently puff it here and there to keep the high going.


It is really smooth and sweet. I got pretty high from just a couple of puff. but it did gave me the biggest munchies. It got rid of all of my stress and worries throughout the day. This pen also doesn't overheat like many of the others I have tried. Great stuff!


I suffered from constant back pain, and I have to be at my work station at all time. Therefore, I can't run off to grab a joint or something during work, plus it's a customer facing position so smelling like pot head is not ideal if I want to keep my job. Ever since I found out vape pen starting to hit the market, it really helped with my lower back pain during work. I didn't need to spend time to get my "ration" ready or remember to bring them with me to work. I just leave this little handy device at work charging at all time with some refills on the side as well. It didn’t knock me out, and I felt energized and uplifted with an extra positive attitude even during a complaint.


A perfect solution of sativa on-the-go. Excellent energy and mood uplifter that keeps me grinning at all time and lets me calm easily. It absolutely melts my anxiety with minimal work required or maintenance required. A new way into cannabis without the hassle.