Pure Pulls Sunset Sherbet Vape Pen Archived
Pure Pulls Sunset Sherbet Vape Pen Archived
Pure Pulls Sunset Sherbet Vape Pen Archived

Pure Pulls Sunset Sherbet Vape Pen Archived

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Pure Pull Reusable Kits include:

1 x Vape Cartridge

1 x Rechargeable battery

1 x USB adapter battery charger

Each Cartridge = 1000mg Co2 oil

THC = 65.6%

There are 6 to choose from:

Grand Daddy - Indica

Strawberry Banana Kush - Indica

Sunset Sherbet - Indica

Blue Dream - Hybrid

Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid

Tangie - Sativa



1.) Simply inhale until logo on the other side light up

2.) Exhale slowly

It is best to wait 5-10 min before next dose

*a fully charged vape pen burns hotter*

How to Recharge the Vape

1. Simply unscrew the oil charger (mouth piece) from the heating mechanism (the other half)
2.) Screw the heating mechanism in the USB charger adapter(provided) and into a charger(not provided)

Sunset Sherbet

The Sunset Sherbet strain is a delectable and rich strain with a sweet and memorable flavour. It is a hybrid strain with an 85% Indica content and the remaining being Sativa. This strain has a delightful fragrance of sugary fruity honey. Sunset Sherbet is a potent cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties famous strains. It has an average mellow THC level between 15% to 19%. As you exhale, sunset sherbet gives different delicious aromas. Sweet fruity honey, fruity yogurt, and honey-sweet earthy taste are among such delicious aromas sunset sherbet promises. By way of description, sunset sherbet buds are made of a huge dense Christmas-tree shape covered with mint green nugs. Additionally, it has orange hairs which are twisty and fiery. 


Sunset sherbet has an amazing aroma of berries and fruits. This pleasant aroma does not make it ideal for discreet smoking though, due to the funky aroma is known to leave at the end. The effect of this strain though takes a little bit of time to build up. The high indica content means the effects start out slowly in the brains which eventually cools off and spreads to the body releasing this relaxing feeling. While it is more suitable as a nighttime strain, it is equally effective for relieving consumers of social anxiety. In addition, it also effective for temporary relief from depression mild aches and pains as well as a great strain for giving users all the munchies. The good thing about this strain is the fact that very little is enough to experience the full of effect of this powering strain. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This is one of my favorite strains to vape, it always genuinely puts me in a much better mood, even after having a long day of battling myself in the head and trying to stay calm. I keep coming back to it as it is such convenient and discreet device to carry around in order to keep the good effects going for the whole day.


The best way to enjoy a blast for weekend mornings while staying in bed! A buzzy and warm descends upon the entire body allowing you to melt into the beauty of morning. A very nice head buzz that allows you to gradually work into the day with feelings of calmness, and energetic readiness. And all of these are made possible by this little genie while laying in bed.


Definitely one of my favorites that gives you an amazing body high. It hits before you even realize it, but it's a very happy and uplifting high. Once the high hits, you can start to enjoy music, talking and hanging out. The convenience of having it in your pocket is very handy. One of those days you wish you have cannabis around, but you can't either do it at that point of time or place or you just don't have it around. This is when these vape pen comes in.


My new favorite strain/oil for day and night. It starts off as calming and energetic, then starts to lean on the indica side towards the middle to end of the high. What I like about the versatile effects from the strain, so I decided to use it in my pen to combine both the portability and versatility together for all-day enjoyment.


Perfect for daytime anxiety and relaxation while not slowing you down too much. Loved it in my vape pen which is my daytime buddy to have around work. It is a good strain that really helps me chill and ease my back and leg pain, and you can do all that while you are on a coffee break or something.