Purple 7 Wedding Cake Disposable Vape Pen Archived
Purple 7 Wedding Cake Disposable Vape Pen Archived
Purple 7 Wedding Cake Disposable Vape Pen Archived

Purple 7 Wedding Cake Disposable Vape Pen Archived

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Northern lights

Northern Lights has been regarded as one of the most widely recognised types of strain due to a number of reasons. The history of this plant is still under debate but what is currently known about Northern Lights is that it is a crossbreed of Thai and Afghani strains. It is also believed to have originated from Seattle making its way through Holland and has since gained wide recognition throughout America.


Taste and Smell 

Smokers of Northern lights prefer this strain due to its pungent and citrusy aroma as well the powerful Indica effects it induces.  It only requires one or two inhalations of this sweet smell to make you high. Northern lights cannabis strain is a perfect treat to reward yourself after a long and tiring day. The effects induce some extreme laziness making users want to stay in bed.  It offers an ideal mix of excitement and highness needed to keep your brain and body relaxed while also providing the perfect therapeutic alternative for easing stress, depression and sleep disorders. Additionally, this strain is effective for treating chronic pains and aches as well as inducing appetite for patients diagnosed with anorexia. Except the lethargic feeling it results in, adverse effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth that could be experienced with other cannabis strains are very minimal with Northern lights. Northern Lights turns out to be one of the easiest plants to grow. Even with minimal efforts, growers do expect to reap really high-quality yields from this plant. Flowering is usually around the sixth to eighth week with indoor growing. Expect a yield of about 18ounces to 22 ounces when grown under ideal conditions. 

Customer Reviews

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This is a great strain to start out with if you’re new to cannabis. This will give you a wonderful, light, and relaxed high. I took a few hits from my P7 while I was feeling super anxious at work, and it just cheer me up and made me relaxed. Then I was able to re-focus and be negligent about the negativity around work and the world now.


This is hands down an amazing strain for veterans to even amateurs. Beware though, high doses will have you couch locked for a good while. It might not feel like anything at first, especially vaping does take your awareness of potency away. Then it will creep up on you, by the time you can feel the high hits, you might just overdone it. I would recommend let the thing dwell a little bit to see how you can cope with it.


this was one of my first strains and it was amazing. I would recommend it to novice smokers in this form only due this is easier to manager the high and effects, but veterans can expect a great time by having few hits to have the most relaxing effects. It might cause some paranoid thoughts and anxiety for some, so that's why I think using Purple 7 can really help to control your intake.


I took 2 hits and feel relieved from anxiety, and I was super relieved from the high but also the fear of the side effects it may have. I was scared it was may be too strong but it hits the spot just right for a person who can get anxiety from trying a new strain. Good thing is using Purple 7 I can take it slowly and gently, and I can wait quite a bit of time in between in case I felt something bad creep up.


One of the best value pen that I've had. If you want to be relaxed on-the-go and something budget friendly, this is the one to go. I did have a boost of creativity. No matter times where I've been chill before vaping or not, it is an awesome, tingly and very relaxed high. Some of the other will make it quite paranoid if I was in a unsettled mind state, so this is a keeper for me.