Purple Candy Indica Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Purple Candy Indica Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Purple Candy Indica Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Purple Candy Indica Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived

Purple Candy Indica Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived

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Let’s take a trip down memory lane. The excitement as a kid of walking to the corner store after school with a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket. Going up and down the aisle trying to choose from all the delicious treats. Then you walk out of that store with a big ass smile on your face with an equally big ass bag of candy. This weed strain will give you that same feeling of nostalgia. Purple Candy was born and raised in Beautiful BC Canada. This indica dominant hybrid is believed to be a cross between BC Sweet Tooth and Mendicino Purp. Bud’s are colorful greens, ambers and purple and covered in frosty white trichomes. When breaking them apart, nugs become sticky as taffy. Coming in at 15-18% THC, this bud will make you relaxed and happy as a kid in a candy store. No pun intended.

Taste and Flavour

Purple Candy buds give off the aroma of berries; grapes specifically. Grinding, gives off earth and musk and even hints of pine and rose. When smoked, this weed burns easy and smooth. Inhale then exhale; Purple Candy continues to flood the palette with candy-like sweetness leaving users reminiscing of their favourite grape flavoured treat.



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At onset, this indica dominant hybrid gives a nice uplifting cerebral high. Then the physical high slowly creeps in leaving users in that ultimate couch lock relaxation zone. Purple Candy has been known to have several benefits to medical cannabis users. It’s been reported to help elevate mood, alleviating symptoms of fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that provides relief from nausea and migraines.

Side Effects

Typical dry eyes and dry mouth. New users might feel dizzy. It’s couch locking properties will remedy that quickly. User’s report high instances of the munchies.

Customer Reviews

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Very strong high that can easily sneak up on you from how smooth the bud smokes. Obviously an strong indica and sativa effects which leave you feeling sleepy and euphoric at the same time. Amazing flavor but you just have to be careful to take it easy with this. Overall a sweet tasting purple bud that has a pretty good taste, and also great for helping to relax after a hard day.


Sweet grape flavor with a beautiful indica. A fruity, sweet and a heavy hitter that can rock your world. When I need to relax and get ready for bed, this is one of my top 5 to get to the good rest. Full body relaxation, while being uplifted and sensation of euphoria.


This bud is perfectly covered in crystal and smells as good as it tastes. What a treat to enjoy before bed and it is also great for stress relief. While it may cause munchies, the high is very sedating to soothe any pain and settle down to the uttermost relaxation. I wouldn't recommend this strain to newbies, it can pack quite a punch to know you out wherever you are.


Rolled a nice and fat joint with this, the flavor was absolutely delightful with hints of grape and sugar. I always get a couch lock high for a few hours. Would recommend this strain for the hardcore enthusiast and the cannabis new comers because each one can enjoy the different aspect of this strain. Some might like some freshness out of the heavy hitters; and some might like the sweet tasting linger around them.