Purple Kush Pure Indica Marijuana Flower Archived
Purple Kush Pure Indica Marijuana Flower Archived
Purple Kush Pure Indica Marijuana Flower Archived

Purple Kush Pure Indica Marijuana Flower Archived

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Purple Kush is also known as Purple Hindu Kush; it emerged from the Oakland area of California. Purple Kush is a pure Indica strain that results from the crossing of Purple Afghani and Hindu. Some of the qualities that set it apart from other Indica hybrids are its pleasant smell and eye-catching color. Breeders created it in one of the oldest legal marijuana fields in the US. And, it was created by crossing a purple-linged of Afghani and Hindu Kush from the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Purple Kush strain has a medium-sized flower that looks like popcorn when cured with a dense bud structure. The leaves can have equal parts of purple and green color, depending on the phenotype. Purple Kush usually grows quickly, and it becomes mature for harvest in about eight weeks. 20% THC

Taste and Flavour

The aroma of Purple Kush is earthy and subtle, and it is characterized by a sweet overtone that is common in Kush Varieties. The early Purple Kush produced by Reeferman is covered in resin, and its taste is like that of an acid hash. The Early Purple Kush is more robust and faster than the original Purple Kush, so the early Purple Kush is perfect for evening usage. When you com bust its flower, it brings out a hash-like and fruity odor. Apart from that, the combustion of its leaves brings about smoke. When you exhale the smoke, it tastes like a sugary-grape that reminds you of purple cough syrup or sweet desert wine.


Purple Kush helps to relax the body, thereby getting rid of stress, pain, and sleeplessness. It has a calming effect. You should note that Purple Kush does bring about hyperactive feelings; Instead, it leads to a state of dopey satisfaction.
Furthermore, it can also be used effectively as a medication. It has a sedative effect that can relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. As mentioned earlier, it can reduce pain like aches that you experience after a tiresome task or cancer-related pains. Also, you can get over the problem of sleeplessness with Purple Kush. Note that it has to be taken in large doses of you are using it to treat insomnia.

Side Effects

Com busting its leaves results in smoke production with a fruity and hash-like odor that leads to sinuses and also causes coughing. Also, it can create some mental effects, which are more of a distortion in perception.

Customer Reviews

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Gerald Lord
purple kush

its great,nice flavor


This is my all-time favorite. After a full day of work, I come home to a toddler and an infant, so I’m still technically "on-shift" for a few more hours. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but it’s tiring. If you are parents, you will understand what I mean! Once they go to bed, I pull out my faithful Purple Kush and ready for a full-on herbal therapy. Full body relaxation with some mental alert to finish off my chores. Eventually one last big fat drag to end the night with the most comfortable sleep.


The severity of my back and hip pain disappeared almost instantly! The first time I’ve ever had pots, and super glad I came across it for a terrific experience. If you struggle with sleeping due to the pain or possibly any other psychological issue, then this is the strain for you. Only a nice mellow high that take you to Lala land!


A long standing favorite for me, ever since cannabis first got legalized in Canada a few years back. It has a super relaxing effects that help me with my back pain and sleep. The smell is a sugary scent with a great earthy taste. I will always keep this stock up at all time because I can always count on it if all else failed.


Flavor that puts many new hybrid to shame. Its domiant indica effects with minor sativa assist really become something that are becoming ever harder to find in an increasingly hybridized weed market. It melt away pain as well as induce incredible munchies. This old school strain with slight modern twist is most certainly a keeper.