Purple Space Cookies Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flowers Archived
Purple Space Cookies Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flowers Archived

Purple Space Cookies Sativa Hybrid Marijuana Flowers Archived

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This plant originates from British Columbia in Canada. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was produced by crossing Durban Poison and Girls Scout Cookies. Purple Space Cookies’ flower buds come with prominent Crystals. It comprises of dense, crystallized buds that are fragile; they are likely to crumble when separating them. It is a hybrid with a THC level of about 20 percent. It is worth noting that the strain is ideal for general use. This hybrid has a significant amount of THC trichomes. You can identify the bud quickly by its covering, which is a snowstorm of THC. When you break the buds, you will see the trichomes surrounding the leaves.

Taste and Flavor

The aroma of Purple pace Cookies is quite different from other Sativa-dominated hybrids. The taste is like that of freshly baked sweet sugar cookies with an earthy and a bit peppery undertone. Furthermore, the taste of Purple Space Cookies is unique, with scents of vanilla and Pine. You can peep this strain if you desire a smooth smoke with a welcoming aroma that is characterized by its berry-like smell.


Purple Space Cookies has well-balanced properties that offer its users a lot of benefits. Apart from its healing effect, it provides its users with a psychoactive advantage. Furthermore, the high of Purple Cookies keep you relaxed and calm. Apart from that, you will experience a sudden burst of euphoria. PSC is also recommended for the treatment of anxiety. The percentage of THC in Purple Space Cookies is high; it ranges from 25 to 28 percent. PSC is the right strain for you if you desire a potent, giggly, and long-lasting high. Another effect of PSC is that it is pain-relieving. Those who just started smoking may find it more soothing when compared with experienced smokers. Apart from its pain-relieving properties, it makes user sociable, making it perfect for daytime indulgence. PSC is an excellent way of managing depression. It is worth noting that the Purple Space Cookies produce less mouth irritation when compared to others. Therefore, those that hate dry mouth can go for PSC.

Side Effect

The Purple Space Cookies come in two varieties. The second variety tends to induce some heavy eyelids as well as couch-lock in first-time smokers. If you are a novice smoker, you should take caution when taking PSC for the first time. You can start by taking a smaller quantity until your body system get adapted to it.

Customer Reviews

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Not only are the buds amazing, PSC tastes great as well! The effects you get are like no other- making me feeling calm and relaxed after a long day. I mainly have these PSC stocked up in my stash. With the sale going on now its a no brainer for me to add more in my cart.

Purple Space Cookies

Very nice buds ☺️


There aren’t words for how amazing this strain is in every way. Purple dense bugs that have a distinct fruity, kushy undertone.
It's amazing...just AMAZING Period. The picture can't even do its justice. The purple nugs is fruity and earthy, and cured to a mild density that will make anyone feeling good the whole day till sleep. Enough reading just grab it while it's still available


Definitely a buy for me again as the buds are nice, and you can tell it's hyrbid of sativa and indica. However if you are looking for some big indica buds, this isn't it. It's loaded with crystal with dark purple tricking me thinking lavender. Not sure if this is from KLR Gold but props to Highgarden for this top-notch stuff


Ordered a couple different strains and some are quite unique like the Zombie Kush. Excellent as always and this purple frosty nugs are just about the right density. The smell is also quite unique and friendly. It hits like indica but doesn't give you the couch lock feel, which is nice. I don't know if it's me but this batch I got is a tad leafy to my liking.