"Second Wave" 1 oz. Marijuana Flower Combo archived

"Second Wave" 1 oz. Marijuana Flower Combo archived

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Are you ready for the Second Wave?

SECOND WAVE? This time we are ready for it! The first wave brought a lot of panic and impulse purchases on “essential” items. The pandemic also brought anxiety. Anxiety from what? anxiety from knowing what strains to get while stuck at home. Well, kick off your shoes and relax your feet as we have made a combo just for this situation. The Second wave marijuana flower 1 ounce combo consists of PURPLE KUSH, SKYWALKER, MASTER OG, MATORO BLUE. Each strain can potentially help you pass time regardless what activity you’re doing.

Purple Kush

Pure Indica|THC 15%-24%
What marijuana offstrain do you get when you cross Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush? That’s right, PURPLE KUSH. Purple Kush came onto the scene in Oakland, California. This pure indica strain was named one of the top ten most powerful strains of the world by High Times Magazine. This sweet smelling 100% indica is commonly known as PK is perfect for those that yearn for a little r and r during the second wave as it has the ability to knock you out! More Information

Skywalker OG

Indica Dominant(85%)|THC 20-25%
If 100% Indica is not what you're looking for that day, then put Skywalker OG behind the wheel. The combination of well known strains Skywalker and OG Kush, actually brings us Skywalker OG; the Jedi Knight of marijuana strains. The force is strong in this one. 20-25% THC levels to be exact. Skywalker OG will be your co-pilot as you soar into the clouds. The high is described as very heavy and stony. It more often than not leads to couch lock. The spacey euphoria eventually leads users to a peaceful and restful sleep. This strain is ideal for evening and nighttime use. The remaining 15% of sativa side also keeps thoughts happy and will help send stress, anxiety, depression and pain into hyperspace. This strain is perfect for sinking into your couch and having a Star Wars Marathon and actually pay attention. More Information

Black Diamond

Indica Dominant(70%)|THC 15-24%
Still a little too much Indica for your evening of board games with the family? Try this Diamond in the rough, Black Diamond. Depending on your environment, this MJ will allow you to relax or prepare you for great concentration and conversations. This indica’s THC index has been measured between 15-24%. Black Diamond has a reputation of making the strongest character, giddy. More Information

Master OG

Sativa Dominant(60%)|THC 13-18%
Need to clean the house or you’ve expanded your bubble and want to engage in interesting conversation? Master OG to the rescue. Cabin Fever Seed Breeders are responsible for bringing together Empress Kush and the legendary Master Kush to create Master OG. THC comes in at a master level of 13-18%. If relaxation is what you are after, then this MJ strain will definitely make you master of your domain. Slowly, the cerebral euphoria sets in ridding one of all stress and anxiety. What is left are happy thoughts, an uplifted mood and non stop gigglefest periodically. The body will soon follow with a warm blanket like sensation that relaxes all muscles. It’s effects are soothing and generally free from couch locking properties. Users report that they can still have a fully functional day but just feeling less pressure to meet deadlines and finish what they are doing. It’s relaxing nature makes this strain good for treating chronic pain, migraines and insomnia. Its uplifting effects make it useful for treating depression, anxiety and stress.

Customer Reviews

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Great bundle!!

Master OG was the first strain I tried from this bundle- its the ultimate one if you're looking to relax. Its also great for helping your body cope with stress and anxiety. Looking forward to trying the other strains throughout the week and I will definitely be order more of the Master OG with my next order!


Shipping was very fast. I just received my order and the first one I tried was purple kush. It KNOCKED ME OUTT!!


What an amazing bundle to help me get through my anxiety with the uncertainty of the second wave. Thank you so much for the free gift with my order!!


The second wave is gonna begin and Im now fully prepared with this bundle. Not only great prices but premium quality as well!


Great value for this combo of premium quality strains to help me with anxiety. I will order this combo again, especially with the sale going on.