Sovrin Gelato Vape Pens Refill Archived
Sovrin Gelato Vape Pens Refill Archived
Sovrin Gelato Vape Pens Refill Archived

Sovrin Gelato Vape Pens Refill Archived

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Gelato is another cannabis strain that falls under the umbrella of the hybrid family. First grown by cookie Farm genetics in California, it is a product of a merge between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and fruity Indica Sunset Sherbet. This strain has also been named Ladybird and phenotype 33, which have simply been adopted from the popular NBA player’s name. Gelato has an appealing flavour coupled with a fair amount of highness that keeps one clearheaded. It is predominantly Indica and as the amount of THC matters in every cannabis profile, this strain contains a relatively high amount THC, up to 25%. Similar in stature to Grandaddy Purple, Gelato’s plant bushy as well as small. While the stature or yield from this plant does not meet some grower's expectations, its beauty though makes this plant visually appealing. The beautiful purple colour of this strain can be achieved when the plant is exposed to cool temperatures during their vegetative states. 


Taste and Flavour 

Gelato contains a high amount of THC meaning first-time users need to be cautious with this strain. The effects of this strain set in really quickly, even on the very first inhalation. Gelato is known to provide a happy, creative and uplifting feeling. Though the effects hit quickly users, are not left couch locked but full of energy. When its medicinal effects are considered, Gelato is a great strain for treating both physical and mental illnesses. For example, nausea, pains, helps increase appetite as well as just for physical body relaxation. It also perfect for getting users more sociable. 


Growing Gelato 

This strain is quite challenging to care for. Thus, it is not an ideal plant for growers new to the cannabis business. Seeds of Gelato are known to be very difficult to come by and for people looking to grow this strain on a commercial basis, would have to obtain cuttings of this plant from the mature plant. As for ideal temperature, Gelato does well when grown both indoors or outdoors. Indoor growing is relatively easier to manage as the temperature can easily be controlled whenever it is suitable. Outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, requires an appropriate temperature and humidity and it is usually ready to harvest by mid-October. A period of about 8 weeks is all it takes for this plant to fully flower when grown indoors.  Indoor growers, however, might want to have odour repellents handy because this strain is pungent and can stay for a while. 



Customer Reviews

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I got the buds version of this for free with my order, decided to give this a try, honestly this cart is real strong. yo highgarden, you guys are the best dispensary i've ever been to, keep up the good work


I feel like I have fire in my soul! This strain really sets in quick. I noticed that it made me feel more happy and creative when im trying to get some work day. Both relaxing and productive is the best combination of effects in my books!


I have been using this vape and its my absolute favourite. It gets straight to the point, making me feel happy and uplifting.


I love this vape because I can use it during the day- while working. It doesnt stop me from getting me work done, if anything it helped me be more creative.


This vape is SOOOO clean! The cleanest Ive had by far. I am so happy I found this and will be ordering more from the Sovrin Extracts line.