Turkish Hash archived
Turkish Hash archived
Turkish Hash archived

Turkish Hash archived

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No surprise here, this Turkish Hash is imported from Turkey. Hash, short for hashish, originates in the middle East many years ago. Shatter, distillites, wax are all new ways of extracting the THC from a cannabis plant. But the OG of concentrates is Hash. This Turkish Marijuana Hash is indica dominant that is well known for its deep relaxing buzz. The range of potency for this Turkish Cannabis Hash achieves a light to medium status. This light to medium potency allows you to be an active participant in society and still achieve a kick your shoes off and relax effect.  The tradition of growing marijuana and making hash have been passed down in Turkey for hundreds of years. With a greeny-brown appearance, Turkish hash is rather brittle, but of a good quality, with centuries-old growing manufacturing traditions as most Turkish cannabis hashish is made from cannabis cultivated in the Anatolia region of Turkey. 

Taste and Flavour 

This Turkish Hash has a slightly spicy aroma. Similarly when you inhale this Cannabis hash your tastebuds will confirm with your nose of the spicy aroma scent. 


Due to the potency of this cannabis concentrate it is a perfect catalyst to achieve certain effects like a cerebral high, giggles, relaxing, When using Hash for a medical purpose, it may help relieve chronic pain, anxiety and arthritis.

Hash the OG Cannabis Concentrate

How Is Hash Made?
Unlike many other cannabis concentrates, making hashish doesn’t require heavy duty equipment or solvents. A basic version of hash resin is easy to make using the kief left over from grinding marijuana flower. Many people use weed grinders with three chambers and allow the kief to collect in the bottom chamber. Once a significant amount of kief has accumulated, it can be rubbed between the hands until it begins to stick together and form a ball of hashish.

How to Consume Hash?

There are 4 different ways to consume and enjoy Hash:
  1. Wrapped in a joint
  2. Smoked in a pipe
  3. Vaporized, Hot knifing
  4. Edibles 

The Middle East Cannabis Hash Roster 

Lebanese Hash
The process for making Lebanese hash (Lebanon hashish) requires the marijuana harvest to be hung and dried before the buds are rubbed over a silk cloth to separate the kief. The kief is then stored and further aged before it’s pressed into Lebanese hash.

Turkish Hash
Turkish hash is well-known due to its extremely high quality and is typically manufactured from marijuana grown in the Anatolia region of Turkey. Although hashish is illegal in Turkey, the country is responsible for 4% of the global production of kief, and the tradition of growing marijuana and making hash has been passed down there for hundreds of years.

Afghani Hashish
Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of Hash originate from the Northern provinces between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif). As a tourist in Afghanistan, it will be very difficult to be allowed to see Cannabis-Fields or Hash Production.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect high. Top quality hash!


I've been looking everywhere for an online dispensary in Canada that carries Turkish Hash. Very impressed with its potency and fast delivery. Will be ordering this again!


Best online dispensary in Canada!! Delivery was fast and the hash is potent!! I highly recommend High Garden Marijuana for all cannabis products!!


This hash is great for its medical benefits. I used it to help with anxiety and chronic pain. Definitely helped me feel more relaxed.