Venom OG Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Venom OG Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Venom OG Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived
Venom OG Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived

Venom OG Hybrid Marijuana Flower Archived

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If the name doesn’t clue you in, smoking it definitely will. Violator Kush is potent and will knock you on your ass and then some. Parent strains Hindu Kush and Malana, produced an offspring, or should i say, offstrain, that is 20% sativa and 80% indica. This bud contains an average THC level of 19-23%. Nugs are small to medium size and densely spade shaped. Buds are bright green with hints of amber. Orange pistils are throughout. White trichomes and sticky resin complete the final layer like frosting on a birthday cake.

Taste and Flavour

Violator Kush is known for a very exotic aroma and flavour. This is a result from the birthplaces of its parents; India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Users alike describe the weed smelling of mustiness, earthiness, and spiciness. The taste of earth is consistent when inhaling this weed and on exhale you will experience pine undertones along with again the spice. Some users even report tasting pepper.


Once smoked, Violator creeps in slowly like a burglar in the night. Initial onset is described as a warm fuzzy body high with hints of euphoria. Eventually the high reachest that hard hitting intensity Violator Kush is known for. Laziness takes over and users are in complete couch lock mode. Some might be able to overcome the intense body stone to get to the fridge to feed the insatiable munchie monster. The relaxing and sedative properties of this weed are beneficial for users experiencing chronic pain, and sleep disorders like insomnia and night terrors. In small amounts, it can elevate mood which can help with PDST, depression and anxiety. CBD content is 1-2% for those interested in its medical benefits.

Side effects

Typical side effects of cannabis; dry eyes and dry mouth. Extreme case of the munchies has been noted in many users. Overuse could cause headaches, dizziness and feeling really, really baked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

It tastes like sweet herbal tea that has an absolutely fantastic taste, and not too harsh but does give you a little bit of a spicy throat kick. It doesn't leave you couch locked but also let you relax very comfortably. A very mental weed in a good way, but to each of their own preference.


Best strain ever in smell as it smells SO sweet and earthy; kind of like tea with a lot of honey. It will fill up a room very quick with that dense smell. A beautiful looking weed as well that has a darker shade of green with glistening trichomes and very sticky buds. It feels perfect that I can talk with ease as I feel relatively clear headed with lots of euphoria, creativity, and feel absolutely fantastic every time I smoke it.


Definitely adding this one to my ever-growing list of favorites. If you have the chance to get this beauty, get it before you regret it. It tasted amazing, the high was amazing and I felt amazing. A strong citrus and pepper notes that helps you to become very relaxing without gluing you to the couch.


It has a nice mellow feeling that's skunky for sure‼️ Good night time strain that helps with putting reality aside so you can exhale, relax and sleep! I can fell asleep within 10 minutes and woke up next day in the same position. Buds are fluffy and heavily covered in red and gold trichomes that has a tasty lemon pepper smell.


I can get up out of the house and walk, and this totally demonstrate the pain management and I couldn't believe that it was possible for me. I believe that its terpene profile is truly unique, which is the evidence for medical use and effects are GOD SENT!